Tuesday, July 19, 2011

De Saturate


shirt + necklace: Forever 21, maxi dress: wal-mart

Sometime's I just like photos desaturated. It seemed to match the storm about to not storm over me too. Which was great because we went to the bay with some lovely friends last night and that would have put a damper on our hot dog cookin'. And I got to hold our friends bitty new baby who is so wiggly and cute! Just a bitty burrito. We love when they come play with us.

This little recipe has been floating around pinterest for a while and last weekend I thought I'd give it a go. LOVE. This pic is the third time I'd used it in a row-notice it's getting a bit saggy and frizzy. So I won't be making it an everyday hair gunk, but for a few times a week to shake up my mouse routine? You bet. The first day was hair heaven. You know those days...it's everything you want and more, and it stays that way for more than an hour. Wonderful. Go make some and pretend you're at the beach.

fyi: I used Tresemme hair gel and the epson salt that comes in a huge bag at wal-mart. Incase you wondered.


  1. i love desaturating. ;)
    i love the shirt inside the dress too ;)

  2. love this!! and come back! i miss your outfit posts.