Friday, August 5, 2011

High Rise



tee: target, pants: banana republic outlet, shoes: old navy, watch: american eagle nail polish: essie sand tropez

These are quite a lot higher than most pants I own. Okay, all pants I own. So that's been different. Not bad, but for this jeans and T girl, what a stretch. Do you guys have trouble with dress pants? These are the first pair in years that I even felt okay buying-they just always seen to make me super wide looking. Any great brands you guys trust and wear? Don't say Old Navy, tried them. Also Gap. And JCPenney and Kohls. Any luck at Express? Haven't tried them yet.

My Mom and I actually unpicked the hem on these and made the teeniest little hem on the bottom so they'd be like an inch longer-Hah! But it helped a lot and was an easy fix. I like to think my body is best in a 34" inseam but that doesn't seem to exist in dress pants. Do you hear me, retailers? LONGS. For the love.

Life is good. There are some fun things in the works around here that I'm really excited to share with you, so stay tuned! Lots of love.


  1. oh yes! good job on the high wasted pants! not many can pull it off and by golly you sure can :)

  2. I like 34", too. I've usually had success at NY&Co and Gap.

  3. I love the Gloria Vanderbilt brand pants at Shopko.

  4. I believe Express has longer lengths... and Banana Republic pants are always super long on me, so maybe you could try them too?

    I love the high waist -- I just bought some high waisted pants! Love them!

  5. I've been wearing high pants lately too. I sway between feeling extremely polished and grown up and completely ridiculous and mom-ish. haha And the only dress pants I've ever liked are CAbi (sold as in-home shopping). My mom sells it, but they fit like a glove and are amazing quality! Good luck on your hunt!