Friday, December 9, 2011

Color Sighting: Mustard Yellow

I haven't taken the plunge and gotten anything mustard yellow yet (read: I haven't gone shopping in a while) But my last three pins had mustard yellow as a main color. What I gather from these? Mustard yellow can be super feminine. Have you gotten any mustard yet? Besides from a burger drip, ya know.


  1. Mustard has been my favorite fall color for the past 5 years. I think it is a universally flattering color. It is also a rich bold color without being to "look at me"-ish.

  2. Actually, I bought a mustard cardigan in Thailand this summer and LOVE it! :) However, I don't get to wear it too often because my sister (a HS senior this year) keeps borrowing it! It's all good--means I'm "fashionable" enough! ;) haha

  3. I had a friend dye some undyed yarn whatever color she wanted - it ended up being a honey mustardy color and then I knit her a scarf. It's not my favorite color by any means, but I was drooling over it by the time the scarf was done.