Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hair pulling

sweater: gap / shirt: shade / pants: forever 21 / heels: target

Along with the green pants I got in the mail yesterday (a day early, bless you mail service) I ordered a bunch of stud earrings. And maybe a pair with feathers.

It dawned on me the other day that with babies come grabbing and pulling of shiny things, and I had about one and a half pairs of studs. Yikes. So I put a few in my cart and felt a little more prepared for this little girl to come. I should probably stop kidding myself though and know that she'll be too busy pulling my mane apart to worry about finding earrings in there.

We spend a lot of time wondering what she'll look like. Will she have our curls? What about her eyes? Will she be long and lanky or a little chubber? We do know so far she has my nose. Ultrasounds are so cool! Seeing her little profile and hands and feet make her so much more real. She'll be here before we know it.


  1. Yes, she will be here before you know it. Don't worry about the hair and earrings thing yet. Everyone told me that I was going to have to chop my hair off when I had a baby but so far my mane is still intact. :)

    Love the green pants!

  2. I adore your apple green jeans! they suit you so well :) hmm, this post has made me wonder what a baby of my man and me could look like. She or he would be really tall, that's for sure! x

  3. Really fun pants and I'm loving those target shoes!!

  4. Love the pants! :) Glad to see you got them at Forever which means they were decent price! ;) haha

    And yes, probably a good idea for the studs. However, you never know. Kamryn never pulled on my hair or clothes or anything. Kyler hasn't too much either but a little more. But my niece pulled and pulled all the time that my sister eventually cut her hair short so baby couldn't get it! :) Hopefully your little girl will let you wear all the fashionable jewelry you want! :)

    I totally agree! Ultrasounds are SO cool! I was born in the right time, that is for sure! I think ultrasounds are my favorite part of pregnancy. :) Even though I have a boy and a girl already, I'm excited to see how this girl will look different than Kamryn. What else can Ryan and I create?!?! ;) Yep--these babies will be here before we know it! :)