Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine In a Jar


Did Valentine's Day totally creep up on anyone else? For some reason I thought it was on thursday, but that's okay! I love this holiday so having it come sooner is not a bad thing.

This is a quick idea you can put together in a hurry. Predecorate the jar and buy the fillings if you're in a rush or find whatever might be fun to fill it with! These are great for girlfriends or sisters, anyone who could use a little pamper on a day about love.


Here are my jar fillings, but you can add in whatever you think your valentine would like! Just be sure it's jar sized. Almost everything was bought, but I wanted to add in heart shaped hand warmers.

I used white felt, folded it in half and cut out a heart shape about the size of my palm. Then I tied a knot in red embroidery thread and in between the two heart layers, put my needle through.


Then I whip stitched (this is a great little tutorial with pictures!) around the heart until close to the end. You need to leave some room to fill with lentils. Lentils are great for warming pouches because they're small but not as grainy as rice.


Finish the whip stitching around the edges and tie it off. Add it into your jar first (it's the largest) and fill with the rest of your goodies! Crepe paper, ribbon, bakers twine, washi tape and a few cute paper punches later, and my jar is ready to go!

I'd love to see what you come up with; post your jars!