Wednesday, February 22, 2012

when I dance with citrus

top: h&m / undershirt: shade / jeans: forever 21 / shoes: payless / necklace: bellehibou

Have you ever wondered who gets to name colors? It's one of those random jobs that sounds amazing and impossible to get. Like being an Anthropologie store window designer, or someone who organizes others houses. HOW DO YOU GET INTO THAT.

I bought this Tangerine Tango shirt at the shiny new H&M store in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. So much pretty in one place...I loved. They know just how to tempt me too. There were sequins and stripes and bitty bunny prints and baby girl onesies with teeny pockets.


  1. Two things:
    -I bought my winter coat online from Target, because the color was "rust heritage" and with a name like that I knew it had to be good.
    -Also, there is a website where you can make color palettes, and if you add a color that has not yet been named you get to name it! I think it is kind of rare to find an unnamed color, but when you do it is a very fun challenge to think up something clever but also fitting.

    Thanks for the fun post!

  2. What do babies put in their pockets?