Saturday, June 22, 2013

Replacements for your Google Reader and Importing to Bloglovin'


With Google Reader headed out on July 1st, I thought I'd tell you all my two favorite options for replacements. Because you want to keep getting those two faces, right? And really, I have been using one of them for years over reader anyway. Insert shocked emoticon here!

This is where it's at my friends. They're already well established and who the majority of bloggers are pushing for too. Their interface is clean and similar to Google Reader so you won't feel like you're in a totally new situation either.

I'll walk you through transferring Google Reader! It's EASY.

Sign up, or sign in. Then head on over to the Bloglovin' transfer page. Just follow the prompts! It's very straightforward. And aren't you glad you get to see all my crazy tabs? This is parred down too. If you know if any 12 step programs for quitting excessive tabbing..

Ta-Da! Enjoy your new stress free reader. Be sure to add Thinking About Pretty. They have apps for iPhone and Android too! And they're great.

If you're really really against Bloglovin', there is also a new reader out called Feedly that seems promising. If you use that, let me know!

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