Friday, December 3, 2010


today I used: 10 // 11 // 24
pin from downeast necklace

I have a confession about day 22. After spending a half hour in front of my closet being indecisive, I finally put this on and took some garage pictures (that's not the confession, it's coming). I had felt cute indeed, but still wishing I was in penguin pajama pants and a hoodie, because it was just one of those days. Not a bad or sad or random day, just not a super fashion day.

After looking at the preview on my camera, I made a decision and ran back inside. There waiting for me was day 11. A sweater and and t-shirt and really all I wanted to wear. Oh yes, it was wonderful. It was still 30 for 30 and I actually came up with several outfits you'll be seeing soon in my many trials. It's just no use fighting the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own outfit. That's silly. So hooray for being happy!


  1. I FEEL YOU ON THIS. i took a photo with myself on day 22, i dressed up but went back to jeans and t-shirt also from the remix after the photos. it was just not a fashion day either. so technically we didnt cheat. at all. i feel you.

    here's to comfort!!! we all deserve some :D

    still, gorgeous top and i love the hair. i swear it makes every remix FABULOUS

  2. Oh I second the hooray for happiness! This outfit is adorable but if you ain't feelin it, you ain't feelin it. So glad you shared, though :D

  3. You have such a charming style! I'm totally with you on just wanting to be comfy sometimes. I admit on this challenge I've gone back to a t-shirt and jeans on occassion and that's perfectly alright with me. I love that awesome flower!
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