Monday, December 6, 2010


today I used: 3 // 12 // 21 // 26
brittany chavers poppy necklace (gift from Momma) // thrifted purse

Dear BYU Campus: An Aggie is posing all up in your business. Hah!

If you're wondering why I would walk on the grounds of such a rival school, it was for two things. First, my love of my recently acquired little sister (I say recently, but geez, four years in a few weeks!) and two my love of their Museum of Art. Little Sister is one of those amazingly talented people that simply think about doing something and suddenly they are the jedi master. Well, saturday night she was the harp jedi master and we were her lucky observers. Girl is fantastic. I married into talent, tell you what. Good thing I can cook enchiladas and toss children on couches with ease.

Along with hosting pretty music, BYU currently is running a Carl Heinrich Bloch exhibit. Wow. He is one of Husbands favorite religious painters, so it was extra exciting. They brought in the real pieces from the churches in Denmark. They're huge and perfect. It was truly humbling to see such inspiring work. His etchings may have been my favorite pieces, which he tried when he was young without the results he desired, and returned to them later to become so perfect at them. Gives me hope, eh? He achieved such detail and textures with a simple medium.

This doesn't do it near the justice it should, but everything had it's own texture. From the hair on the woman, to Christ's soft flowing robes and the smooth marble pillar, it was insane. And very small, at that. He seemed to work best in extreme sizes.

< /end art history paper>


  1. I so want to see that exhibit. And love the outfit!

  2. well hello there. you were missed.
    first off, i love the folded sleeves above your cardigan. you look so cute. and the hair is looking great.

    as for the rest, look at you marrying rich (in talent) haha. wow harpist! good for your little sister. that's awesome and very classy haha.

    thanks for the art appreciation 101. i barely get to go to museums so it's nice to see pretty things once in a while.

  3. Super cute! Ha! I posed on BYU campus too when I was a UTE... :D

  4. What! You were at BYU and didn't tell me! GASP.
    I forgive you though. See. That's what being a Cougar is all about. ;)