Thursday, December 9, 2010


today I used: 7 // 11 // 19 // 24
forever 21 earrings

No, it's not my head cold making me type the wrong number, I am skipping posting 24 and 25. They were worn and I completely did not took them off immediately to sleep photograph them. Our house got hit with a second round of sickness this week, so I'm kind of crawling around trying to catch my floating head balloon.

I hope you guys are not getting this lovely little cold! Take those vitamins! Drink your OJ! And for heaven sakes, you should probably stop kissing that guy that is sick. Unlike me, who cannot stop. :) It's worth it though when I come home and he sweeps me off to the couch to feed me chile con queso and watch It's a Wonderful Life. Because I had never seen it and it is a wonderful life.


  1. You got it too?! I'm sorry. I'm finally feeling back to normal. Kicked it with some DayQuil, NyQuil, Airborne and a little chicken noodle soup love.

    Hope you're feeling well soon!

    i hope you feel better too. i hate getting sick, though don't mind the rest time but i feel like it's such a waste~ which is ludicrous. anywaaaaaay welcome back! it's good to see you and your lovely hair again.

    i've never seen 'it's a wonderful life' either but it seems like one of those ~classics. i should get around to that soon.

    that's right, layer them clothes and keep warm. except when i layer i look like a snowman and you still look so casually chic. love the layers!

  3. are so cute and fun!
    want to find me a new wardrobe?

    hope you're doing well.