Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white christmas..

sweater: old, button up: ae, jeans: ae, necklace: wal-mart, shoes: target

I really really really hope we get one. We had a white thanksgiving, so I made a deal with Mother Nature that it was okay, given the white christmas clause. We'll see.

Thanks for being patient with me while I took a little blog break. There have been Christmas crafts, Temple Square light sightings, friends, family, a pie without sugar (I know I'm a health nut, but it sadly wasn't on purpose!) and much more. 

Just incase you aren't sick of me guest blogging yet, Charissa was nice enough to let me design a free printable! Go to her amazing creation, The Gifted Blog, to see. :) It's perfect for pretty jewelry and gift cards!

Also, there may be a few giveaways in store for you lovelies soon! Stay tuned.


  1. wow a white thanksgiving? i hope you get a white Christmas too! that would be great. Does it usually snow there though during this time? So the chances are larger :)

    It's always nice to take a break from the blog. Though i can't, it's a sickness, i tell you. hiatuses are love <3

    LOVELY! heading on over there. your stuff are always so cute!!! :D

    you look great btw. the jacket? I LOVE IT. and of course the hair is in full effect. niiiiice :D

  2. I LOVE the gift tags, you are so stinkin talented :) Just saying. Your color schemes are so awesome.

  3. I love your photos so much :) Glad you're back.

    And I giggled at your "old" sweater. It's awesome.

    Happy Christmasing!!

  4. How do you always look so beautiful in these posts. I'm glad you are back after your little break - I love looking at your pictures and seeing all your crafty posts!

    The Auspicious Life