Friday, December 21, 2012

A Paper Diamond DIY

I love simple gifts that still make a statement. This is perfect for girlfriends, co-workers, neighbors who might not want another plate of know. You could string several together and put different gifts in each one! Super cute to ding dong ditch on a doorknob. 

diy diamond gift box | Thinking About Pretty

12x12 paper
hot glue gun
nail polish
strip of paper
washi tape
strip of paper
this pattern
bone folder

I printed the diamond on card stock at 98% to make sure it fit on the paper (I had to print it twice since it cut off the top the first time) so try a test print before you go for the good stuff!

diy diamond gift box | Thinking About Pretty

Cut and score the template. Trace onto 12x12 paper (you can get three per sheet!) and cut and score your diamond. I think the crusted glitter paper is what really makes this a show stopper (purchased at Jo-Anns) but you can use anything! Patterned, glittered, flocked, whatever. Since this is so thick and glittery, I used hot glue to adhere it all together. Be sure to leave the last flap unglued.

Take a strip of paper (mine is a scrap piece of 12x12) and flag cut one end. Write a message, but be sure to leave a bit on the flag cut end blank. It sticks out of the diamond.

Now, as far as nail polish goes...Pure Ice fits p e r f e c t l y inside here! You could make your diamond before and bring it to the store to check though if you want a different brand. Washi tape the straight end of your message strip to your nail polish and wrap mostly around.

Use mini glue dots to close the diamond (keeps the message strip from getting glued and makes it easier to open than with hot glue) and admire your gem!

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